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PatchBox doing tasty things with CGFX shaders

PatchBox doing some tasty things with CGFX shaders

We’ve had a quiet and industrious period for the past few weeks.  Much work has been done on PatchBox, mainly putting in much more support for CGFX shaders to leverage even more power out of the GPU in preparation for the work we’ve got coming up.

I’ve been detailing the development on my blog though this is partly the reason to install a blog on quadratura.info; so that news can be posted here instead.

We have a private engagement this Saturday in London where we’ll be transforming a room and preparation for that is the order of the week.

From next Monday, however, we’ll be focussing on our next art project, which sees our return to Holland Park in West London for Halloween.

The Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

The Kyoto Garden in Holland Park

While last year’s event was based around the wooded area of the park and took elements of the Victorian shenanigans that took place in Holland House (as well as being a journey through life and death and beyond!), this time we’re setting up in the Kyoto Garden and producing our own interpretation of a famous Japanese Kaidan ghost story.

By the end of last week we already have had 60 bookings (although it’s a free event, we’re encouraging people to book so we get an idea of numbers) so with over a month to go we’re hoping for a big crowd.  You can find further details and booking information on the K&C website.

For now it’s back to preparing media assets for Saturday and deciding which decade of wallpaper to use…


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