Software tools for real-time audio/video artists

As part of our creative process we end up developing a lot of ‘unique’ software in-house to facilitate our continuing exploration into art and technology.

While most of this software usually ends up being integrated into PatchBox, our multi-screen, 3D video mapping system, we occasionally end up with an application that we feel would benefit a wider audience.

Last year we released AudioBoxBaby, a real-time tempo analysis and detection utility for automatically synchronising VJ software to live music.

VidSeq is a work in progress, exploring the idea of creating complex video looping meta data, even down to frame accurate cueing within individual clips.

We have strongly supported the FreeFrame video plug-in standard for many years and last month saw the release of three new FFGL plugins.

Most recently we released MIDIloop, another real-time tool that can record and playback loops of MIDI automation data synchronised to an external MIDI clock or a beat tapped out via a MIDI controller.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for releasing these great tools! I just started using Audiobox yesterday, and it’s very handy to have a light-weight FFT beat-tracker without having to load up an entire software package like vvvv or Ableton, etc. I haven’t tried out Midiloop yet, but it looks interesting as well. Perhaps in the future you all could open-source some of your projects so that they may be ported to other operating systems! Thanks again.

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