About Us

Quadratura creates immersive audio/visual installations for public spaces, galleries as well as private and corporate commissions. Our unique approach has caught the attention of theatre producers, fashion companies, event organisers, art galleries, restaurateurs and Councils, both in Britain and Europe.

Quadratura: a 17th century term, popular with Baroque artists, describing a sophisticated form of trompe-l’oeil  painting that, rather than just rely on artistic intuition, was actually based on scientific theories of perspective to achieve precise architectural illusions.


Quadratura Directors

Alex May

Alex May is a British artist exploring a wide range of digital technologies, most notably video projection onto physical objects (building on the technique known as video mapping or projection mapping by using his own bespoke software), also interactive installations, generative works, full-size humanoid robots, performance, and video art.

Martin A. Smith

martinMartin is a composer and sound designer. He has created sound installations for The Victoria And Albert Museum, The British Council, the Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, The English Folk Dance And Song Society, Cinetrip in Budapest and The Museum Of Domestic Design And Architecture amongst others.
He has also written the music for film, television, theatre and contemporary dance.