Kinetica (2011)

Kinetica Art Fair

Kinetica Art Fair, February 2011, held at Ambika P3 Gallery in London, provided an opportunity for Quadratura to show some new technology and prototypes to a large public audience.

We exhibited 3 new pieces:

‘Shadows of Light #2’ – utilising the new Microsoft Kinect depth camera we revisited one of our

‘Out of White #3’ – our first public example of video augmented sculpture

‘BioReactor’ (in conjunction with bio-artist Anna Dumitriu) – a site-specific building video mapping artwork

Shadows of Light #2

Out of White #3

The original Out of White was commissioned in 2009 and used Quadratura’s trademark real-time trompe l’oeil techniques to create the illusion of blocks coming out of the white wall and being suspended in mid-air.  We wanted to revisit this work, presented in an entirely different way.

We have been considering the form of digitally augmented sculpture for some months; the concept being that there is a physical element and virtual elements that are overlaid onto the former using one or more video projectors.

For ‘Out of White #3’, we wanted to present a piece that demonstrates this form.  The physical form is three sides of a cube (mirroring the smaller cubes within alluding to a fractal nature in the style of Koch).  These three sides are also modelled virtually within PatchBox, our bespoke software, allowing us to map the virtual model onto the real model, all in real time.


A site-specific building video mapping.  Working with bio artist Anna Dumitriu, we created a five minute looping piece that juxtaposes the steady progression of scientific research against a possible outbreak of cybernetic bacteria.