Roses In December


God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.  J. M. Barrie

An installation of memories and of thoughts half remembered

A slight sound of whispered thoughts.
In a far corner an image appears, a shot of old super 8 film. It is a child playing.
It disappears.
Another corner and a faded photograph appears.
As you stand in the darkened room images come and go, fading in and out all around.
You are surrounded in a room full of memories.

There are sounds and images that resonate, that remind you of something, even if they have no personal connection to you.
People buy family photograph albums of people that they do not know.
Old postcards remind you of holidays even though they are of places that you have never seen.
Super 8 film seems to capture the essence of childhood.
Sounds can evoke an atmosphere of places that you do not know.
What is it in these images that can create such a strong emotion?
Is it purely nostalgia?
Is it seeking a connection to the past?
Is it a longing for memories that you do not have?
Roses In December takes these sounds and images and creates an installation of universal, and yet very personal, memories.

The Installation
Multiple video projectors cover the walls of a room and images and video are projected onto the architectural details of the room.
The images slowly fade in and out, coming and going on each surface around you so that wherever you looked there would be a photograph or a film playing. You feel yourself surrounded by memories.
Multiple speakers surround you so that sounds, music and voices conjure thoughts, creating a totally immersive experience.