Statues Alive


Early in 2008 Quadratura received a commission from Kensington and Chelsea Council to devise an audio/visual walk somewhere in the borough around the theme of bringing statues to life. The walk was to run for 7 nights – 19th-25th of June 2008 – and be the first event in 2008’s InTransit festival and also feature in the London Festival of Architecture.


For more information on the individual installations click on the links below



Women Taking Off Her Dress

Les Statues Meurent Aussi

Boy With A Dolphin

Rossetti Fountain


Many, many thanks to Miriam Nelkin from the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea Art Service for this fantastic commission.

We couldn’t have done it without:

Power and lighting: Roger Nell and PK

Carpentry: Dave Caplin

Projector hire: Sleepytom & Mark

Thanks to Alex Short and John May for the photography.

And to all the stewards who had to stand around for six hours every night.

And to the local residents who were very patient and only politely complained a couple of times, and only called the police once (and only then because they thought we were terrorists)

And to the many of you who came to see Statues Alive and gave us such positive and lovely feedback. Especially the kind lady who brought us all orange juice and tea-cakes!