Boy with a Dolphin

A much loved sculpture, at the north end of the Albert Bridge. The boy in the sculpture is based on the sculptors son, who passed away, giving this piece a melancholic edge to its innocence and striking form.

Our interpretation focused on the loss of childhood innocence, the process of memories, and a growing awareness of darker forces in the world. The video, projected on the plinth, featured somewhat hallucinatory images of bright children’s drawings, foreboding shadowy doors, unrecognised hands (though they are your own, the story of lines are testament), and a silhouetted tree bereft of leaves, signifying the final transition into a colder light.

The images were set against a blue water-like background with bubbles passing rising and moving horizontally, to invoke the water passing beneath the statue.

Photos by Alex Short

Photos by John May


Boy with a Dolphin Music

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