Woman Taking off Her Dress

This roughly hewn chalk slab sculpture was always going to be the most suitable for video projection since it’s rectangular, white, and flat; a natural screen.

However, as one of our key interests for this project was to re-interpret the form of the sculptures (where possible), we decided to add a couple of extra ‘features’, namely two large mirrors positioned either side of the sculpture.

Looking in to one mirror from the side created a kaleidoscopic effect, with copies of the sculpture reflecting into the far distance.

Martin had come up with a 1960’s science fiction style arrangement for this piece, and the video is based on elements of a B-movie science laboratory, complete with arcing electricity and an unsettling amniotic sac containing some mutated growth of unknown origin that rotates and pulses, reacting to the music.

Photos by Alex Short

Photos by John May


Epstein Music

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