994,138 An installation for Artificial Light

April 21st, 2010

Bournemouth MonumentWe will be presenting a poignant installation, reflecting on those who died during the First World War, on the war memorial in Bournemouth’s Central Gardens on Saturday 24th April as part of the Artificial Light exhibition organised by LumenOrtis.

For video, photos, and further information, click here

Software tools for real-time audio/video artists

April 13th, 2010

As part of our creative process we end up developing a lot of ‘unique’ software in-house to facilitate our continuing exploration into art and technology.

While most of this software usually ends up being integrated into PatchBox, our multi-screen, 3D video mapping system, we occasionally end up with an application that we feel would benefit a wider audience.

Last year we released AudioBoxBaby, a real-time tempo analysis and detection utility for automatically synchronising VJ software to live music.

VidSeq is a work in progress, exploring the idea of creating complex video looping meta data, even down to frame accurate cueing within individual clips.

We have strongly supported the FreeFrame video plug-in standard for many years and last month saw the release of three new FFGL plugins.

Most recently we released MIDIloop, another real-time tool that can record and playback loops of MIDI automation data synchronised to an external MIDI clock or a beat tapped out via a MIDI controller.

Video Street Art – Photos & Video

August 18th, 2009

In the dying hours Monday 17th August 2009, Quadratura set out into the dark streets of London for an entirely different kind of public performance that would see graffiti artists Banksy and codefc, as unwitting collaborators.

Using PatchBox, our custom video mapping software, we were able to literally draw layers of video onto the existing architecture without worrying too much about projector placement.  We then used PaintBox and a graphics tablet to mask out and colour in, the graffiti; all in real-time.

“Our aim is not to comment on the legality of graffiti; we respect the artists involved and wanted to enhance and animate these existing works using the tools and techniques at our disposal to create a completely different vision and play around with their original meaning”, says Alex May.

“We explored the ideas of reactivating static street art in our ‘Statues Alive’ event last year, where familiarity with art that you perhaps pass by every day lessens its impact. By using video projection we can show these works in a new way and re-energise them”, adds Martin A. Smith.

Signing off the night’s activities, Quadratura took the opportunity to project the somewhat ambiguous statement “No Graffiti/No Problems” on the ‘ungraffitiable’ wall under the Westway on Portobello Road.

Video to follow later today.